Insights, Design, Technology

Liptember is a not-for-profit organisation that supports better mental health outcomes for women, raising millions of dollars every year. How? Put on some bright lippy to make a statement for women’s mental health in September.

Insights & Strategy

Liptember is a charity close to our hearts who we’ve worked with for years. One of the key challenges for not-for-profits is keeping their online presence modern, and their content fresh in a cost-effective way. 

For VERSA our strategy was defined by helping Liptember achieve both of these things. We chose Raisely as a platform, as it gives our client the most control over their site and updates, all in a free platform with an optional donor fee.

Raisely supports the ability to sign up, donate, create teams and share. Liptember's supporters now had new ways to engage in the cause.

Creative & Design

Our designers took the Liptember brand and brought it to life digitally. 

Colour drives discovery, imagery connecting the community to the campaign, animated donation banners, live leaderboards. 

Liptember’s social campaign was linked to the site by keyword tagging #liptember, which would share it to the landing page. The solution we created is a platform for campaign content, donations and teams, and social community of people rocking lippy for Liptember.

Technology & Development

Raisely was chosen as a platform to allow the client flexibility and to increase donation percentage. 

Working closely with the Raisely development team, we built upon the donor management system, leveraging its flexible architecture to make donations, profile creation and team management a unique and enjoyable experience for both donors and content managers

After the website had launched, Liptember was featured on Raisely as a website that was doing everything right, pushing the templates within the platform whilst still delivering a highly responsive user experience. 

Get in touch with us if you’re a not-for-profit looking to start updating your online donation solution. 


  • $2 Million

    raised through the website and campaign

  • 20,000 supporters

    connected through social media

  • #1 peer to peer

    fundraising platform on Raisely

Simply one of the best working relationships we’ve had with any partner to date.

Luke Morris, Managing Director, Liptember