Case Studies/Maxibon


After the success of our 2017 campaign, where we created a tinder esque app called ‘SNACKR’. Peters Maxibon re-engaged VERSA to help launch Maxibon’s 18th Birthday.

Strategic Insight

You'll never 'smash a bon' alone

The strategic insight was mateship. Our target audience (15-24) were also coming of age with the iconic Australian snack.

We linked our audience insight to our creative, and developed some cops who don’t play by the rules, the Bonforce. Their mission, you’ll never ‘smash a bon’ alone on your 18th.

Design & Innovation

Strategic social content

We paired a legendary snack with a legend resulting in an iconic partnership.

For a young Aussie male, what could be more exciting, then a personalised birthday message from the man, the myth, the wiz, Warwick Cappa? Customers could grab a bon, get a birthday message and share. Driving a 1,389.06% increase in social media referrals to the Peters Ice Cream websites.

Data & Research

Increase in sales and awareness

After launch, we monitored social media analytics as well as the sales funnel of Maxibons in convenience stores.

Interactions with the snack soared. Maxibon saw an increase of 34% in sales after the campaign had launched. Meaning more bons were gettin' smashed by more Aussies than before.