Case Studies/National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

NGV invited the Indonesian stop motion artists Tromarama to exhibit their work in a solo show at the NGV’s children’s gallery. VERSA was approached to design and develop an iPad application that would allow exhibition visitors to create their own stop motion videos, transforming everyday experiences into artwork.

Strategy & Research

Extending the Visitor Experience

VERSA developed the Tromaramix App as an innovative digital solution that brings to life Tromarama’s ‘kidult’ philosophy and passion for stop-motion animation; allowing the artists to reach, engage and inspire people via mobile technology.

The aim was to create an innovative and interactive application that extends the visitor experience beyond the walls of the museum.

NGV: UX & Desgin

Innovate Design Thinking

Our team collaborated to ensure that the bright visual aesthetics of the app encapsulate the essence and wonder of the Tromarama world; appealing to children of all ages and bringing out the ‘kidult’ in all users.

VERSA developed designed an app that was bright and engaging, combining intuitive gestures with seamless functionality to give the user complete creative control.