nib connects customers to specialist health providers across Australia and New Zealand. Providers including dentists, podiatrists, paediatricians, and more. Before the VERSA & Nib voice experience, you had to go online or call to find your provider. Now people can find their provider by asking their smart speakers.

Design & Innovation

Finding your nearest nib provider

We look at user experience and research first. We saw a need to deliver thousands of results as simply as possible.

So we leveraged nib’s existing architecture which powers their web search. Through conversational design, we translated the complex visual information into bite-sized pieces. The design delivers the name of the specialist and the location. Users can opt-in to have more info sent to their mobile phone.

Technology & Development

SMS and mobile integration

The nib voice experience integrates into users phones. Results can appear via SMS which means the user can call the nearest provider. Also meaning they can get directions by setting their location in Google Maps. If the first provider is unavailable, the user has two more options.

This experience is robust, it covers locations from Wagga Wagga (NSW) to Whakahoro (NZ). It can connect people to all kinds of health providers. So no matter where nib users found themselves the voice experience can find and connect them to their nearest provider.

Creative & Strategy

Creating a brand voice strategy

nib is more than an insurance company, they are a health provider. So for users who are looking for discovery not function, the experience provides a daily health tip.

These health tips are evidence-based and provided by nib which means users have some value they can get from the skill every day. Helping members live healthier lives.