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Research, Strategy, Technology

Nova entertainment wanted to join the smart speaker revolution. VERSA created an experience which gives people control to customise their live radio experiences, all around Australia. Together, VERSA and Nova created the first live radio skill in Australia.

  • RoleResearch, Strategy, Technology
  • ChallengeCreate a unique experience for Nova’s audience
  • SolutionCustomise your listening experience with Nova

Research & Insights

By starting with research we found a key audience.

20-34yr old women, wanted more control, more customisation and to be able to give feedback on the content they listened to.

By starting with the insight, we could design an experience that supports the key user need.

Strategy & Creative

Our conversational strategy was to allow Nova listeners to give live feedback on music.

Always conversation first, we created the feature “Alexa, tell Nova I like/dislike this song”.

By creating this conversational feature we could deliver Nova much richer data. Giving them real insights into what their audience likes or doesn’t like.

Like a lot of experiences VERSA create, this hadn’t been done via voice in Australia before.

Technology & Development

The voice experience can play live radio, catch-up on podcasts or give live feedback.

“Alexa, ask Nova to play Thursday's Fitzy and Wippa”
“Alexa, ask Nova to play live radio”
“Alexa, tell Nova to I love this track”

We took a modular approach, designing and building in sprints. We built and tested each feature as we made it.

Nova leads innovation by joining the smart speaker revolution, with more exciting updates coming soon.

More than ever before, radio stations have the opportunity to connect with their audiences no matter where they are. Nova now provides users with the power to listen to interactive radio where, when and how they want. As a listener radio consumption goes far beyond the car. Listeners will now have access to all Nova stations around the country, their favourite shows and podcasts via smart speakers

Fayad Tohme – Chief Digital Officer – NOVA Entertainment