Strategy, Technology, Data

Pfizer, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical corporations, has recognised that Voice can lend a hand to help users get the most out of their pharmaceutical treatments. VERSA helped them realise this opportunity with a prototype.

Research & Data

In general, drug information can be difficult to comprehend, often filled with complex medical terminology that confuses rather than reassures the patient. Pfizer recognised this problem and wanted to explore how Voice could help Australians with information around their treatments.

We saw that using voice & AI to answer personalised medical questions requires a trained medical practitioner. Understanding this, we looked into the call centre logs and user data to see what easily answered topics patients required assistance with. These topics were then prioritised by both teams to define areas of focus, the outcome being a virtual nurse that could help you during your treatment.

Strategy & Creative

A key part of the experience solved a key business problem for Pfizer, to reduce the volume of call centre calls.

So as part of the experience, we listened and tracked keywords and phrases that users said that our Voice AI couldn’t answer.

If a user tried to ask a question that requires medical practitioners advice, we provided them with a callback request. This information was then passed through to Pfizer’s CRM, prompting them to get in touch with the patient at a time that suited the patient, but didn’t mean for long wait times.

Technology & Development

We built a custom interaction model that would not only support users on the frontend of the experience but also Pfizers medical team on the backend, through a google sheets integration.

We also leveraged Alexa’s APL to create custom screens that would support a users journey but also, showcase video tutorials to help guide users. 

Finally, we built and designed an analytics program that would open up the experience to showcase what users were asking for that Pfizer hadn’t predicted during the user testing phase.

Voice technology is creating frictionless ways to obtain information and transact. Working with VERSA helped us understand both the overall landscape and the nuances of voice-based customer experiences. Their insights were extremely valuable in helping us explore novel ways to provide information on our medicines to patients and health professionals

Sudeep Mavila, Pfizer Medical Information Regional Lead, ANZ & SE Asia