Case Studies/Save The Children

Save The Children

See it in action

60,000 kids from disadvantaged families arrive unprepared for school. Save the Children worked with VERSA to fix this. Together we created an app with tools for parents that give their kids a head start.

Strategy & Discovery

Designing around insight

User research, expert information from the Department of Education & Training and strategy prioritised the features of the app.

Working with teachers, we built the app around helping kids discover the world, in environments that were familiar to them. Learning can now happen at bedtime, the kitchen, the park or the bus. Creative helped push learning beyond the classroom.

Technology & Development

An app built on one code base

The app was built leveraging the React Native framework, allowing VERSA to maintain one code base but support both Android and iPhone seamlessly.

React native shares 95% of code between Android and iOS. So we could streamline our build and focus more on FED. The FED supports rich animations which were key for helping kids engage, learn and discover new information.

Data & Insights

Tracking app usage to create research

By looking at real-time, rich data from the app we could help exactly how parents were engaging with the app.

By looking at session times, multiple engagements and particular activities that were most engaging; we found that 54% of parents use the app daily. This supported the insight around creating a routine around learning experiences. A key insight for the Department of Education and Training’s research around the learning process.