Case Studies/Scenic Tours

Scenic Tours

Scenic Tours allows travellers to explore some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating places with a comprehensive portfolio of the luxury river and ocean cruises. The brand’s five-star reputation is unrivalled - but their booking engine and website needed an overhaul.

Strategy & Discovery

Working with a global ecommerce experience

Scenic Tours cater to a global audience, providing a premium eCommerce platform that offers extraordinary tours and exceptional service. We've worked with Scenic from day one to help customers find and enjoy their next unforgettable holiday at each stage of their digital journey.

Covering different channels like the website, email and CRM's to improve our client's digital strategy to create conversions.

Technology & Development

Improving a digital presence and strategy

VERSA led the development of a new website that would act as a robust marketing platform, effortlessly communicating a large volume of information while encouraging users into the sales funnel. 

VERSA migrated Scenic’s website portfolio from Kentico to create a multi-site Sitecore experience supporting customers across Australia, UK, Canada, US and NZ. We delivered a seamless booking experience that let the individual personalities of each of the three tour brands, Scenic Tours, Evergreen Tours and Emerald Waterways shine.

Data & Optimisation

Incrementally improving the experience

Since launch, we have worked with Scenic Tours to provide 24/7 support and maintenance for the site, as well as regular feature enhancements through our Continuous Improvement offering. As part of this work we upgraded the site to Sitecore 9, and planning for content personalisation is underway.