Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind

Strategy, Design, Technology

Smiling Mind wants to help 5 million young Australians be more mindful by 2021, VERSA is helping make it happen with generous support from nib Foundation.

Research & Data

VERSA worked with Smiling Mind to understand how existing users were really using the service, and how this might translate to the smart speaker

Learning how, where, and when these users were pausing and picking up their meditation programs informed the team to begin developing a voice experience. 

The experience was designed with both returning and new users in mind. Returning users with Smiling Mind accounts can hand their meditations over between devices. New users can begin their mindfulness journey friction-free by saying something as simple as “Hey Google, tell Smiling Mind to put me to sleep.”

Design & Creative

Smiling Mind’s playful brand was brought to life using bright language and emojis throughout the experience’s User Interface

Given Smiling Mind’s existing audio-driven products, sonic branding was a key part of this experience, to do this we worked closely with Smiling Mind’s audio engineering team.

The entire experience was recorded using Smiling Mind’s voice talent, rather than the first-party Google Assistant voice. This ensured a truly seamless transition for a user switching between devices.

Technology & Development

As Smiling Mind is a not-for-profit, we leveraged as much existing architecture as possible to reduce costs.

Smiling Mind has hundreds of meditations that are accessible as either ‘programs’ or as their standalone ‘session’. VERSA worked with Smiling Mind to build a model that would surface the most appropriate Smiling Mind meditation for each user. 

VERSA redeveloped Smiling Mind’s existing auth solution to enable account linking for smart speakers, enabling users to resume their meditation progress from other digital platforms, like web & mobile. 

The uptake has been substantial with thousands of regular users already, showing the increased need to engage and practice mindfulness in the home.

Nick Cust, Chief Product Officer, Smiling Mind