Case Studies/Victoria Government Bot

Victoria Government Bot

Victorians needed instant answers to COVID-19 related questions, VERSA helped the State Government provide information instantly through a custom chatbot framework supporting a future customer engagement model.

Technology & Development

Training AI through machine learning

VERSA designed Vic Gov’s digital assistant using a custom conversational AI framework. Using Machine Learning in the early stages of the project allowed us to train the model with the regular information changes released by government authorities with the latest restriction news.

We worked side by side with the Victorian Government Digital Projects teams to train and empower internal staff to manage the AI and machine learning of the bot into the future, so they could self manage and utilise the channel past the pandemic.

UX & Design

Instantaneous official information via chat

Any Victorian who engaged with the bot was searching for answers. Our simple and easy to navigate conversational design supported users based on their location, providing different answers related to the area of Melbourne the user lived. 

To build user confidence that each answer was up-to-date we included dates and timecodes to each message, so users understood when the information had last been updated by the chatbot management team.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing project optimisations

We’re currently working with Vic Gov’s digital team to scale the experience into multiple languages and including possibilities for Live-agent handovers.

In scaling the experience beyond COVID we’ve been learning from unanswered questions (intents) and using anonymous chat data to conduct user research on ways we can further improve the experience making it better and more accurate for all Victorians.