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Victoria Police

See it in action

32% of Victoria Police employees have experienced a diagnosed mental health condition. In partnership with Victoria Police, VERSA created Bluespace, a website for the mental wellbeing of Victoria Police community and their families.

Data & Insights

A relationship built on collaboration

This project was created in collaboration with over 4,000 Victorian Police employees and their families. We did interviews, co-design workshops and testing with people from the Victorian Police community.

By leading a project through research, VERSA is able to design a solution specifically around real problems.

Technology & Design

A future-proof platform for families and client

Bluespace has been designed as an access point for mental health support. You can access breathing tools, grounding exercises and alcohol consumption charts. These tools connect the community to immediate help when they need it most via mobile or web.

The design creates a sense of support and warmth, the UX is about simplicity. The technical framework uses a customisable Drupal CMS, helping Victoria Police update the site according to new initiatives and mental health campaigns. 

Continuous Improvement

Helping launch new campaigns and optimise

Through the continuous improvement, monitoring and optimisation of the Bluespace site, the Victoria Police are committing to improving standards of mental health across the police community. 

We've just worked with Victoria Police and Creative Agency McCann to bring new awareness campaigns onto the Bluespace website, helping initiate a positive discussion around suicide in Victoria police members. You can see the work here.