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Data, Strategy, Design

32% of Victoria Police employees have experienced a diagnosed mental health condition. In partnership with Victoria Police, VERSA created Bluespace, a website for the mental wellbeing of Victoria Police community and their families.

  • RoleData, Strategy, Design
  • Challenge90% of Victorian Police have experienced burnout during their work
  • SolutionA website with tools that keep a community connected to mental wellbeing

Data & Insights

We like to work with our clients. This project was created in collaboration with over 4,000 Victorian Police employees and their families.

By leading a project through research, VERSA is able to design a solution specifically around real problems.

This project was created in collaboration with the community, we did interviews, feedback and design with people from the Victorian Police present.

Strategy & Creative

Strategy and creative worked hand in hand on this project - to create a brand that would let the Victoria Police community feel connected to the community. Yet not feel the website was an extension of Victoria Police management.

Branding was a key part of this. Bluespace was a name that tested well with the audience, but didn’t specifically use the Victoria Police name or branding.

Strategy and customer experience teams worked closely on creating this relationship between the website and the user.

Design & Innovation

One of the exciting features of this site is the practical tools, and resources anyone can access.

Through Bluespace you can access breathing tools, grounding exercises and alcohol consumption charts. These tools connect the community to immediate help when they need it most via mobile or web.

The design creates a sense of support and warmth, which will work as valuable themes during crises for Victoria Police community members.


  • 4,000Community members

    Interviewed, and included in the project

  • 90%of Victorian Police

    Supported through potential career burnout

  • 3Mental health tools

    Designed and built specifically for the Bluespace website